You've got questions. We've got answers.

Q. What is Hypercraft?

With the goal of making EV technology available to everyone, Hypercraft supplies complete, plug-and-play electric drive systems for everything from one-off creations to large-scale electric vehicle production. Our ideal customers are chassis fabricators, custom and restomod shops, manufacturers of automobiles, boats, off-road, powersports, and racing vehicles, fleets, small equipment, and anything in between. We exist to give companies access to advanced propulsion technology, and to help those companies scale their businesses quicker.

Q. What’s included in a Hypercraft electric drive system?

Hypercraft electric drive systems include everything you need to electrify a drive system. You’ll get a motor(s), battery(ies), battery control system/inverter, software, wiring, and a throttle/potentiometer. We can even provide a system display and gear reduction unit if needed. What’s not included are things like mounting hardware unique to your build, or components for integrating the electric drive into your existing vehicle systems.

Q. How much power do your drive systems produce?

Hypercraft offers a standard lineup of drive systems that cover the power requirements of most customers. But custom solutions are available with power outputs ranging from 10 hp to 2,000 hp. Just let us know what you want to achieve.

Q. What kind of range can I expect with a Hypercraft drive system?

Hypercraft batteries are designed and built in house. We offer a range of standard battery packs that can be configured to meet your specific range needs. If our standard battery solutions don't work, let us know the requirements of your project and we can create a customized solution to meet your needs.

Q. How much does a Hypercraft electric drive system cost?

The cost of our drive systems vary based on many factors, including motor output size, battery capacity, and whether you’d like a gear reduction system. That being said, our entire goal at Hypercraft is to make electric propulsion a viable alternative to gas — viable to us means comparable in cost and performance. So we plan to deliver complete EV drive systems for about what you would spend for an internal combustion engine with similar performance. Additionally, the price is significantly less than you would spend if you sourced new or used EV components yourself and tried to build a similar electric drive system.

Q. Do you manufacture the components in your electric drive systems?

Currently, we build our batteries in house and then source brand new parts and components from the industry’s top manufacturers to build our complete drive systems. But in the near future we plan to bring much of our outsourced manufacturing in house to increase efficiency and lower costs for our customers.

Q. Are you an EV performance shop?

Hypercraft is not an EV performance shop, but we are performance focused. Electric power has incredible performance benefits, and we’re here to provide that performance advantage and alternative to individuals and businesses — whatever the project may be.

Q. Why did you create an all-electric desert race truck?

Why not? But in all seriousness, we believe there’s no better proving ground to test every aspect and component of our electric drive systems. Desert racing serves up sand, silt, vibration, impacts, and back-breaking terrain for hundreds of miles — if our EV drive systems can survive that, then we know they're ready to go into any customer build or project.

Q. How do Hypercraft electric drive systems compare to the electric crate motors being announced by OEM manufacturers?

We are so excited for major car manufacturers to start delivering EV crate motor options alongside their internal combustion cousins. But what differentiates Hypercraft electric drive systems is that we provide an entire drive system — not just the electric motor. This is significant because without batteries, a battery management system, software, and more, an electric crate motor is nothing more than a fancy paperweight for the majority of vehicle builders.